Portraits of Feminism

Yun Suknam, Mother III


Image Credit: Yun Suknam, Mother III (2018 version), 1993. Courtesy Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul. Photo: Yun Suknam


Pioneering Korean artist Yun Suknam's Mother III (above) is more than a portrait of the artist's mother--it is a work that challenges the traditional ideals of womanhood in Korean culture. A new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, Portraits of the World: Korea, highlights portraits by and of feminist artists in Korea and the United States, including work by Yun, Anh Duong, Judith Shea, Kiki Smith and Ruth Ellen Weisberg.

"We think visitors will be fascinated to discover not only Yun's contributions to the Korean feminist movement over the past 30 years, but also how this particular work relates to feminism's impact on the art of portraiture in the United States," said curator Robyn Asleson. The exhibition runs through Nov. 17, 2019.