Agnes Chase's Scientific Illustration

A deep devotion to science and civic engagement

Agnes Chase (1869–1963), a diminutive but determined botanist, worked as a scientific illustrator and then as a renowned curator of grasses at the United States National Museum. Denied access to funded expeditions because she was a woman, Chase fearlessly set off on self-financed solo field trips across South America in the early 20th century. Chase was also among the radical women's suffrage demonstrators arrested for picketing the Wilson White House in 1918–1919, and she participated in the jailed suffragists’ hunger strike.

Arthrostylidium sarmentosum Pilg. in Urb.

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[Mary] Agnes Chase
Publication unknown
Hitchcock, A.S.
Arthrostylidium sarmentosum (Poaceae). Collection: Chase 6730, leafy branch with inflorescence, culm. - 1930.
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14 Oct 2020
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Botanical Art
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Arthrostylidium sarmentosum Pilg. in Urb.
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NMNH - Botany Dept.
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Botanical Art Plate Link : 0356
Plantae Monocotyledonae Poales Poaceae Bambusoideae
pen and ink
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