Women have always played a foundational role in science, technology, engineering, and math—from biologists protecting endangered species to astronomers mapping the universe to the "hidden figures" who solved mathematical equations for space flight.

Margaret Weitekamp, a curator of space history at the National Air and Space Museum, talks about Sally Ride's role as the first American woman in space, and how her leadership changed the perception of women in science.

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Conversation Kit

Let's Talk! Bessie Coleman: Community Innovator Conversation Kit

Grades 6–8. Time: Variable (1–2 class periods). Aligned with C3 standards.

In this conversation guide, students will learn about pilot Bessie Coleman, an innovator who sought to create change for her community.  In exploring her story as the first woman of African American and Native American descent to earn a pilots license, students will examine the question: How do we bring change to our community?