Contribute to Wikipedia

Help us increase the representation of women online by contributing to the largest free and open encyclopedia on the web, and other vital wikipedia projects.

Why Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free and open encyclopedia that’s consistently in the top 10 of most viewed websites globally. However, Wikipedia isn't fully representative. Less than 20% of biographies on the site are about women and less than 20% of Wikipedia’s editors identify as women.  Wikidata also informs Google, Siri, or Alexa, and other search tools when they are asked questions about history. These barriers to discovering women’s stories shape assumptions we make about our world in subtle, pernicious ways. We are committed to working towards equity on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects by adding Smithsonian collection information related to women’s history to the site.


Our work has resulted in:

  • 2.2 million+ words about American women added
  • Nearly 1,500 new articles about American women
  • 50 million+ views of Smithsonian images of American women on 22 language Wikipedia versions 

Our Work with Wikipedia

Edit-a-thons are public events where we collaborate and learn how to edit Wikipedia together to increase women’s history representation using Smithsonian collection items and research. Never edited before? We offer free training at each event! Our events are best suited for participants 16+ who can make well-sourced additions to the site.