The Smithsonian’s collections include iconic objects that tell the stories of American women, their struggles, and their accomplishments. Explore collection highlights and stories related to women and girls, or search our digital records.

Papier-mache version of the Statue of Liberty. Liberty is Latina and carries a cornucopia of tomatoes instead of a tablet. Instead of a torch, she holds a tomato aloft in her hand.
learn more about Immokalee Statue of Liberty by Kat Rodriguez
Queen Lili‘uokalani poses for a royal portrait. She wears a sash.
learn more about Queen Liliʻuokalani
Collection Item
Fencing mask featuring an American flag across the front.
learn more about Ibtihaj Muhammad's Fencing Mask
Black ice skating costume with embellishment, worn by Kristi Yamaguchi
learn more about Kristi Yamaguchi's Ice Skating Costume
Teal electric corn grinder.
learn more about Concepción “Concha” Sanchez's Molino
The front of the black-and-white program features a centrally oriented, thatched illustration of Wilma Rudolph.
learn more about Wilma Rudolph
Collection Item
Draped sumptuous pink fabric frames rows of black-and-white photos and an arrangement of found objects including a fan, bracelets, painted fruit, dried flowers, and lace, all set in a niche.
learn more about A Latina Star and Hollywood Success
Rebecca Lobo runs towards the camera, as an opposing player runs behind her. She wears a red and black Team USA jersey.
learn more about Rebecca Lobo Basketball Card
alt="Stamp featuring an Etching of Bessie Coleman wearing her flying helmet and goggles "
learn more about Flying Firsts in Triumph