The Smithsonian’s collections include iconic objects that tell the stories of American women, their struggles, and their accomplishments. Explore collection highlights and stories related to women and girls, or search our digital records.

 This artifact is a Development Test Model (DTM) for the Voyager spacecraft.
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A tintype occupational portrait of a woman, likely a doctor or possibly a nurse or midwife, carrying a medical bag. The woman is standing tall at the center of the image, looking directly at the camera. She carries a medical bag in her proper left hand.
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Jean Ritchie sits in a field, holding a plucked dulcimer. She stares off into the distance, thoughtful.
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Romaine Brooks portrays herself in the dark colors of a man's outfit, her eyes veiled under the shadow of her hat brim.
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Queen Lili‘uokalani poses for a royal portrait. She wears a sash.
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Papier-mache version of the Statue of Liberty. Liberty is Latina and carries a cornucopia of tomatoes instead of a tablet. Instead of a torch, she holds a tomato aloft in her hand.
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An Alpha Kappa Alpha metal pin with a pin back. The pin is a circular gold ring with gold ivy leaves at center. The bottom portion of the circle has "A K A" on it and a diamond, while the top half of the pin has lettering that reads "Alpha Kappa Alpha."
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Outdoor scene of an incarceration camp, including telephone wires across the camp, two dwelling units, and a row of trees. There are no people pictured.
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