The Smithsonian’s collections include iconic objects that tell the stories of American women, their struggles, and their accomplishments. Explore collection highlights and stories related to women and girls, or search our digital records.

learn more about Betsy Jochum's South Bend Blue Sox Baseball Dress
Blue wool blouse; sleeveless; 6 hidden buttons down front; blue and gold 4 stripe captain insignia shoulderboards
learn more about The First Official Maternity Uniform for Pregnant Pilots
Woman cutting a yellow squash in a restaurant kitchen. Steam rises from a sink behind her. She wears a baseball cap.
learn more about Chef Leah Chase
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Sepia photo of Mary Church Terrell seated in profile from the waist up. She is wearing a light colored beaded and fringed evening dress.
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Mary Walker wears the sort of unrestricted clothing she believed was most healthy - a dress with a flared skirt over top of pants.
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Anna May Wong poses, holding a fan behind her head. She wears a yellow dress with dragons emblazoned on it.
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